Game Farming:

One of the many activities on the farm is the game farming and viewing thereof.  There certainly is nothing like being in the veldt just before sunset, watching a herd of kudus grazing, baking in the last rays of the winter sun.

The selection of game available on the farm is listed below.  Our game is free roaming and beautiful to see in their natural unthreatened habitat.

Impala / Rooibok
Blouwildebees and Swartwildebees

As part of controlling the roaming game and animal numbers we are obliged to either hunt or sell the live game to prospecting buyers/hunters.

For a detailed list of our hunting rates and available facilities, please Contact us

Commercial Sheep & Goat farming:

Boeteka also functions as a commercial sheep and goat farm and even have a registered abattoir on the farm.  Karoo Lamb, neatly packed, is available upon pre-order.

We recently started farming with goats, as this a lovely animal, taking enormous good care of its lambs.  One of our goals for the 2014 financial year, is to upgrade our goat stud, and farm with at least 2 000 ewes at the end of 2014.  A further vision is to eventually host a couple of auctions in our versatile facilities, but we will keep you updated!

Should you wish to enquire more about our A grade Karoo Lamb, contact us on the details listed.

Olive Farming:

We have approximately 8000 olive trees on the farm. We transformed our orchard to acompletely organic orchid in 2010.  Uses for our olives include a wide variety of products – in example, selling the raw olives to service providers, making our own olive oil and a wide and interesting variety of olive pastes, jams and traditional bottledolives in brine.  These products will be available for sale at our Boeteka Karoo Padstalas soon as it is up and running.